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Software Development

Software development is writing source code with the goal of creating an information system (software). It includes processes such as system and architecture design, programming, documentation, testing, maintenance and further development. This process uses programming languages.


Creation, design, programming, development, maintenance and software engineering are the fields we deal with. We undertake software development from the stage of analysis, design, technology selection and physical architecture to program, test and implement a ready IT system (it can be a website, online store, simple server-side application or an advanced system).
Areas in which we implement systems: backend, frontend, middleware (soa), microservices, mobile applications.

We create systems and applications mainly in the following technologies: Java / JEE (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Tomcat, MicroProfile, Weblogic, Jboss / WildFly application servers), PHP (Laravel), Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Perl, Python, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins, Flyway, Apache, nginx, Linux, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Android, iOS.
We can also use other technologies as needed and possible.

If you need a good solution for your company's needs, we can consult and try to find the best proposal. man-technologist
We try to select the best proven technologies and solutions for the client, which do not necessarily have to be paid, hence Microsoft solutions are not recommended by us. We are advocates of free software.

About us

- we have created various projects from websites, through online stores to larger corporate systems operating in large-scale banks and financial institutions (SOA and Middleware systems, mass processing, data warehousing).
- we are programmers who like to create good software for clients;)
- in the event of a need to undertake a larger project, we have great opportunities to engage specialists with appropriate technologies at affordable rates often lower than market rates in typical software houses! :)


design and programming:
- frontend/web systems (websites/webservices/online stores, CRM and CMS systems (WordPress etc.))
- backend systems (API, Web Service (REST, SOAP), dedicated server-side systems, middleware, SOA, data processing, databases, data warehouses, cloud)
- mobile applications: Android, iOS
- bot, internet bot (headless, backend, java, php, python, selenium, avoiding reCAPTCHA), a program that performs certain tasks instead of human
- databases, data processing, scripts, functions, stored procedures, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, individual script orders for data processing for ready systems (frontend, backend, cms - WordPress, etc.)
- batch processing systems - batch (a comprehensive solution to enable the development of batch applications - mass data processing)

administration and audit:
- maintenance, support (3rd line), development, upgrading to new versions of existing software for companies
- implementation, installation, configuration of servers (OS, VPS, databases, others)
- other IT services (implementation of IT systems, administration of IT systems, implementation of free software for companies - Linux, LibreOffice package, Thunderbird mail, Cloud)
- cost optimization of the IT environment in the company - an audit to determine which systems can be replaced with free open source software

Examples of completed projects

- An application that performs automatic export of product data from the database, data conversion to the target format, then import into Google Merchant Center for
Technology: PHP, MySQL. Online store serving the Polish market, jewelry industry.

- Database script that processes data in a database, linking products in different language versions.
Technology: SQL, MySQL. Online store serving the international market, numismatic industry.

- A bot program (performs activities in human activities), which automates activities on the user's website on the website.
Our bot is able to effectively avoid security measures used by mechanisms that detect bots (logging in via browsers), such as WAF (Web Application Firewall), which use, among others reCAPTCHA mechanism. We use security workarounds that have so far been even professional the WAF system was unable to detect. We recommend our bots. Technology: Java 11, Spring Boot 2.3. Internet system serving the US market, medical industry.

- Database script that processes data in a database. Enables functionality to search for a date range (from to) for all available rooms.
Technology: SQL, MySQL. Internet system (Austria, Gaschurn) booking hotel rooms serving the international market, hotel industry.

- A bot program (performs operations instead of a human) that generates an automatic report on checking positions in the Google search engine (for the given domains and search phrases).
In addition, the report includes parameter lists for domains:
> Open Page Rank (equivalent to Google Page Rank)
> MOZ Metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, Number of unique backlinks, Number of unique domains)
Technology: Java 17, Spring Boot 2.6, Selenium. Internet system supporting the Polish market, internet industry, positioning.

- A bot program (scraper - collecting data from the web) enters selected websites and checks them for specific links and phrases. Collected results or possible page loading errors are sent to middleware via REST API.
Technology: Node.js, TypeScript, Puppeteer. Internet system (Great Britain, London) serving the international market, SaaS industry (software as a service), investing in SaaS and enterprise technologies.

- Crypto Currency App Report program, based on the input data provided (cryptocurrency, date of purchase, currency and the amount for which the cryptocurrency was purchased) generates a report showing: cryptocurrency rate from the given date, how much cryptocurrency would be purchased on the given date, the current value of the cryptocurrency and the value in the currency of purchase, what would be the profit today after selling the cryptocurrency to the currency. The system uses the REST API.
Technology: Java 17, Spring Boot 2.6. Internet system (Poland) serving the market in Poland, investment industry.

- Modifications and improvements to the website, programming in the field of backend and frontend.
Technology: PHP (Laravel), Vue.js. Internet service (Poland) serving the market in Poland, industry - sale of production machines for industry.

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